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Please fill out the below survey in complete detail for the individual who was bitten by the tick. This person will be referred to as the 'host'.

At no extra charge, you can send us up to 5 ticks of the same species, taken off of the same person or pet. We will run the exact same tests you ordered on all of these specimens, at the same time. When you get your results, they will reflect whether any tick in the group of ticks you sent us is a carrier of each specific pathogen we test for. Because we will test all of the ticks simultaneously, it is not possible to tell which ticks are carriers of which pathogens. If you have multiple ticks from different people or pets, please place separate orders.
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Must pay in person.

Due to a building fire, all orders will be delayed by an unknown period of time while lab equipment is migrated to the ESU Science and Technology Center. We will resume testing as soon as possible. Mail to 200 Prospect St, East Stroudsburg PA 18301
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Ticks do not have to be alive to be tested. Please be aware that burning a tick could affect the results of your tick testing.

Although there is no time limit for a tick to be tested, it is best to send your tick for testing as soon as possible. A positive test result may allow you to receive treatment before you experience symptoms.

No kit is needed for collecting and sending a tick specimen. Simply place your tick in a sealed plastic bag and mail it, along with your order receipt, to our laboratory. After you complete the order process, you’ll receive instructions for mailing your tick to our lab.

Safe removal of a tick helps prevent disease. Using tweezers or a tick removal tool, grip the tick as close to the head as possible. Pull the tick out carefully; squeezing or twisting the tick could increase the risk of infection. Note that coating the tick in any substance could also increase your risk and make it impossible to test the tick for disease. Place the tick in a sealed plastic bag. Clean the bite with an antiseptic, such as alcohol, immediately after removing the tick.