Tick-Borne Diseases

Lyme Disease

A rash near the site of tick attachment, sometimes resembling a bullseye mark ... Learn More

Deer Tick Virus

Powassan virus will be transmitted to human host within 15 minutes of tick ... Learn More


Anaplasmosis is an infection of the white blood cells which triggers an immediate ... Learn More


Babesia invades red blood cells and causes them to rupture leading to hemolytic ... Learn More

Relapsing Fever-like

Borrelia miyamotoi enters the hosts blood stream, affecting multiple ... Learn More


Mycoplasma bacteria are opportunistic organisms that will typically be ... Learn More


Bartonella henselae will infect endothelial cells and white blood cells leading to ... Learn More


Ehrlichia chaffeensis will cause Human Monocytic Ehrlichiosis by invading ... Learn More

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

Rickettsia species will infect cells that line blood vessels causing vascular inflammation ... Learn More


Skin biopsy or secretion can be visualized under a microscope using a gram stain or ... Learn More


Because the cause of STARI is unknown, there is no confirmed treatment. However... Learn More